Availability of Chanel Jumbo in the US?

  1. Hi,
    Im from Sydney, Australia but im travelling to america in june. I was hoping to buy a Chanel jumbo caviar with gold hardware while I was o/s as they're just so rare here.
    Ive been on a waiting list for almost a year, and it doesn't look like we're getting any :sad:
    how easy is it to get one in america?
    im going to florida, NY and dallas....will I have any luck?
  2. I see them all the time. You should get it with no problem.
  3. oohhh goody!
    thanks so much :biggrin:
    they retail for around US$2600? right?
    or am i in for a sad shock...:sad:
  4. Do you want the caviar or lambskin jumbo flap? The caviar is $2250 and I *think* the lambskin is $2450 (plus tax on both.)
  5. I want caviar...how much is tax? (sorry for all the questions)
    im so glad to know they're far more available over there! Its been at the top of my wishlist since i planned this trip :biggrin:
  6. I *think* tax will be about 8.5% sales tax... I don't live in those states, but even if I am not exactly correct, it gives you a pretty good idea.

    : )
  7. Marlo, look at the tax avoidance thread. Members may have more experience on this so run a search on "tax." Imo, you don't live in the States, so why should you HAVE to pay the tax.
  8. IMO, the jumbo is very easy to find. I see it everytime I go to Chanel.
  9. thanks everyone!
    So glad to know they're available and that i might be able to avoid the tax hehe!
    I think I can claim it back on my way out anyway...ill check it out
  10. I saw a black caviar jumbo just last week at melb Chanel boutique, and you don't have to be on the waiting list to get it.
  11. oh my gosh
    are you kidding me?
    thats excellent news!!
    Do you know if they have them often? Ive been stressing so much lately wondering if I can even afford it, but im going to melbourne in september and I could get one then if they have them!
    so hate the sydney store for not letting me just order one up here.
  12. ^^I think when I was there, they had the caviar jumbo in black, and the medium/large lambskin flap in white and red! Can you just order it through the phone and ask them to send it to SYD??
  13. i guess so, but the sydney store always gave me the impression that you just COULDNT get them here, and that they cost around $4000 here (which I know is BS).
    very very unhelpful I find.
  14. Call Melbourne, pay for it over the ph and get it transferred to Sydney.

    The other thing is if you are going overseas you can claim the GST back at the airport when you go..you will have to take the bag on your holiday though. Make sure you let them know if you go ahead and buy that you will be leaving the country as i think they give you a different receipt.
  15. ^Yep!!!