Availability of Cecilia in Grey 2008 or 2009

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  1. Sorry if posted in incorrect area.
    I'm quite new to the MJ section.

    I really want the Cecilia bag in grey and have been searching ebay for a while to no avail and was wondering how hard it was to find the bag in grey.

    My first preference would be the 2009 but is that harder to find than the 2008?
  2. Funny that you mention this now! Another tPFer just recently started a thread about the 2008/2009 grey Cecilias:


    I'm not sure about availability since it was so long ago, but hopefully someone else will have some knowledge about whether there are any around or not. My best guess would be to call the boutiques and see if they can locate one for you.

  3. im in australia and we don't have a store.
    they have some in department stores but they don't stock cecilia.
  4. and that post got me onto the bag.

    it made me love the 2009.
    soo gorgeous.

    thanks though!
  5. not sure about 08 Cecelias in Grey - I remember that Nordstroms carried them

    MJ stores in the US didn't carry the regular quilted cecelia bags for F09 - they were kinda HTF. The only two places I know for sure that carried them in grey were Bloomingdales and Shop Kiki (a small boutique in Baton Rouge, LA - https://www.shopkikionline.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&searchstart=0&keywords=all&category=HBMJ). It might be worth calling a few international MJ stores - there are several in Asia and the Middle East - perhaps they ordered the quilted cecelia bags, particularly the grey ones

    there was a F09 Grey Cecelia on ebay just last week, but I believe another tPFer scooped it up. They are a rarity (at least here in the US) and even when they were "current" they were HTF so finding one now may be difficult and stalking ebay might be your best bet
  6. shame i missed it!

    thank you so much.