Availability of Bordeaux Caviar bags...

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me figure out which stores carry items in bordeaux caviar. I talked to my SA at the Chanel boutique at SCP and she told me that the Chanel boutiques don't carry them. I went to a Bloomies there and the SA told me that they only have the Bordeaux bags in the Medallion tote. Is the Bordeaux available in any other style and if so, which stores?

    I know I've seen the GST and Medallion in the bordeaux caviar leather, but is it also available in the PST style?

    Sorry for all of the questions, but I keep getting conflicting answers from the SAs at the stores that I've been to.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It was available in the PST according to my Bloomies SA, but she said its sold out now.
  3. Bloomies has GST in bordeaux. I think they still have it. Try NY or Chestnut Hill.
    Saks Greenwich may also have it. They also have the expandable tote in red. (don't know if that's relevant)
  4. Your best bet may be to call Chanel direct and ask them what styles were produced in that color/leather combo and if they can find one for you. GL!
  5. I've been trying to find bordeaux in a GST as well...so far Chanel boutique and Nordstrom says sold out and Neimans has not found one yet.
  6. I was at Tysons a couple of weeks ago and went into the Chanel boutique. I was carrying a Bordeaux GST. The SA said she had never seen the color. I was a little surprised. I think she thought it was fake. It was purchased from Nordstrom MOA in September. I'm glad it's kind of rare.
  7. This has happened to me before as well. It amazes me that Chanel boutiques and the department stores are really unaware of what the other has. I started out mainly using LV and to me they are so organized compared to Chanel. I wish each Chanel counter (boutique or department store) had a centralized computer database of EVERYTHING in each location, whether it be department store or boutique. It drives me crazy when you have to search everywhere to find which particular store ordered a particular style, color, etc. AND you have to know the number because they name everything "large tote" or "small bag". :p End of rant. Sorry to hijack.

    I love the bordeaux ~ it's such a gorgeous color and seems to go with everything.
  8. Bloomingdales NYC Chanel still has the bordeaux GST available (or they did the last time I was there a few days ago) -- actually that's the only color in GST they have remaining now. I'd recommend giving them a call ASAP and ask about pre-selling for F&F event next week (not 20% off, but 20% equivalent discount in the form of coupons for future purchases).
  9. Hi! Does anyone know if the flap comes in bordeaux?
  10. Thanks for the tips Foxy and Bagmad! I called the Boston store per Bagmad's post and got the last one they had pre-sold to me and will get the Friends and Family coupons! I've been wanting a bordeaux Chanel for a while and feel I will get more use out of the GST than the same color reissue I've been watching for.
  11. Your Bordeaux GST is lovely! :love:
  12. Oh congrats. That is a beautiful color & getting the F & F just sweetens the pot.
  13. I just got a Black GST...do you think it'd be worth it to have it in both black and burgundy? I wanted to get a brown one too but it's so dark it looks black. But I don't know if I need such a large bag in that color...thoughts?? Has anyone heard if any place has any medallion totes in burgundy? I'm scared to call because once I hear the words "last one" I'm going to buy it because it's the last one!
  14. Well my bordeaux GST just arrived and it looks too much like my brown GST for me to justify keeping. I asked my beau what color it was and he said brown also. I may get black though instead.
  15. I'd say only black or get black and bordeaux or brown but not both. They look too similar to justify them all unless the money is not an issue. Bordeaux is not common so it is tempting to keep as a collectible if you are into collecting Chanel but otherwise I wouldn't get both.