Availability of Black/Silver Sabrina........

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  1. I'm REALLY leaning towards the Black Sabrina with the silver hardware right now. I haven't seen it online anywhere except for Coach.com (I don't live near any retailers) Was this a Coach.com exclusive, as far as online goes? Or was it available at Nordstrom.com, Dillards.com, etc and now just sold out? And is this a color Coach would keep for a while since it's a staple color, or will it be replaced soon by another color as many of the other bags have been? Thanks for your help. Newbie here, sorry!
  2. Well, I won't be much help, but I do know that it is available in the FP boutiques, not just online. I've seen it and held it there a few times myself. I believe I also saw it at Nordstrom's. From what I remember, a lot of people were really excited about it coming out in the silver so it may be sold out at a lot of places.
  3. I got it at a FP Coach store. You can check it's local availability at Coach stores on coach.com.
  4. I'm a big fan of mine! I don't believe it was ever available @ Dillard's.
  5. Thanks girls, I just went ahead and ordered it from JAX. I don't want to take the chance it being sold out if I wait any longer. Can't wait for it to arrive!:smile:
  6. Since you guys are already talking about this silver/black sabrina-

    do you think the carly is too close to this silver/black sabrina? I have the black silver carly, same leather style, same color, same silver hardware, even same purple plum lining inside... I love silver, but would that be too close to my carly? I don't want to get tiered of having the same colored bags, with even the same interior, but the sabrina is such a great bag and i love the silver hardware on her, and the carly is just like that- a great bag... would you go for it?
  7. I am wanting a Black and Silver Sabrina as well... Hoping I get a PCE so I can get her .... Probably next weekend.... I hope...
  8. I probably wouldn't get the black silver sabrina if I already have the Carly. If your Carly was the black signature sateen I might, but not if it's the all leather bag. I think they would be too similar. Especially since you're already worried you might get tired of having bags the same color. I only say this because I don't have disposable income though. If money was no object and I really loved both bags, I might go for it. Especially if one was a leather and the other was a signature/op art bag. JMO.