Availability of Black City

  1. Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if Black Cities were easy to come by, or are they heavily wait-listed? I knew a year or so back, there were wait-lists of about 40-50 people at the store nearest to me. So I was wondering, have the demands for the classic colors died down, or will I still need to put my name down on a list?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think you can always get a black city. I know Neimans always has some floating around in their system. And I am sure Balenciaga in NYC has some as well.
  3. i think demands for the more classic colors have definitely died down. i would just try calling around; i'm sure you can find one fairly easily.
  4. When I purchased my B-Bag last week from Shirise, they had the black City in stock.
  5. Balenciaga NY said they "almost always" have City's in black available. Barney's in BH pretty much told me the same thing. I'm waiting until the fall bags come out with the less distressed leather to get a black one then. AND a Rouge Vif AND a Caramel AND a Truffle...:graucho:
  6. i agree, you can ALWAYS get a black city anytime, as it is a permanent color every season. i believe b-bag lovers enjoy the colors. =)
  7. On Friday I bought one from Shirise.
  8. Bal NY has some in stock too...as of Friday.