Availability of 07 Tomato Red City

  1. Does anyone have any ideas re: the relative availability of his bag especially w regular hardware? I love it, but I am still saving up for it and I am still getting some Christmas presents. It will probably be late Jamuary or early February before I can get it. From looking at the threads, it looks like this was a pre-fall color. Thanks
  2. One in eBay store search ;)
    Good luck
  3. I would love one myself, but I am using some serious self restraint. I never have patience and I am seriously impressed with my control.
  4. I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago from Balenciaga NY. She told me they had a few of them in stock, so I suspect they still have a few now. I love mine. :love:
  5. I know styledrops.com has them too. I bet you can style find one fairly easily!
  6. I think Tomato will be available in January, which is when I'm planning to snag one(if I can hold myself to wait...I have to see what exactly I buy from 08 before committing to a red, though it's a lovely red :heart:). I've found that certain locations of all of the department store are helpful (like NM Dallas and Arizona have amazing SAs and are super helpful, etc) and do national searches for you, so I don't think it will be too hard to find a red.
  7. Cool. Thanks for the imput. I don't do eBay (too many fakes) so I just hope it is still at NM. I saw the 07 Tomato city for the first time just after I had bough some Chanel... can you say bag ban? My only other red bags are smaller and I love the size and the fact that you can carry it with the handles or use the strap.
  8. I was at Nordstrom Arden Fair yesterday and they had a tomato red RH city. I think it's been there for a few weeks.