Availability and prices of these wallets...

  1. If anyone knows where I may find these wallets in stock and the retail price it would be most appreciated.

    Cotton Club Long Wallet:


    I don't know the name of this style wallet but love it!


    Beige/Patent Cambon Wallet:


    Thanks for any help you can provide!
  2. I saw Beige patent, White with black CC cambon wallet (fuschia interior), and Black patent on black cambon wallet (hm.. it also has fuschia interior) @ Nordstrom Downtown Seattle yesterday. I guess it retails for $465 (before tax). Ask for Tomoko. Good luck
  3. Roey, I have the second wallet in black lambskin, but the picture you have posted looks like it's caviar leather (sort of distressed). I believe it's called the Timeless Classic wallet (long), can't remember off the top of my head..I bought it in the Chanel boutique in Bellagio a couple months ago. I'll go home and check out the box/receipt and post the info.
  4. NM San Antonio has the cambone with black patent cc's and french beige cambone.
  5. I got the second one just last month... and someone stole it from me..

    anyways.. as I recall.. it's around $600
  6. Chanel boutique in SF has the 1st one few weeks ago. It's around $600
  7. Thanks everyone! I found the black CC wallet at NM - Lisa Hamlin is holding it for me. She is trying to get more info on the second wallet to compare prices. The CC wallet is $615. I do love the second one a lot - the timeless one. Sorry to hear yours got stolen pei.
  8. Hi - I am interested in the first featured wallet. Does your store have it? If yes, what is the price? Also what is the cost of shipping to Singapore? Thanks!
  9. MYPL - I just bought the first wallet from Lisa Hamlin at Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan. I'm sure she can ship to Singapore. The cost is $615 USD.

    You can send an email to annie_phillips@neimanmarcus.com and ask her for the long Cotton Club wallet that Roberta just bought from Lisa. Annie is Lisa's assistant.

    There's an underscore between annie and phillips in the email address.