Ava Leather Tote

  1. I was thinking of getting the Ava in brown- anyone have any feedback on the bag- good everyday bag?
  2. I love the ava. I was a bit leary at first as it seemed so delicate. I carried her for three days straight and she was fine(I did apple garde her just in case). Its much sturdier than it looks, not to metion the color has changed some(I have antilope) she looks better now that she's been worn.
  3. I have the antelope and it is wearing well, I've got water on it several times and it dries out without staining, so far it seems pretty durable. I didn't treat it at all, but I am pretty careful with my bags.
  4. I have the Moka satchel and just used it for the first time today. I love this bag! I waited on using it because the leather is just so soft but she's doing great!
  5. Love the Ava--it's a great bag!!