AUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! I spilled COFFEE on my Macbook Pro!!

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  1. I'm holding out no hope..... :crybaby:

    I actually did this yesterday, and this is the first opportunity I've had to vent about it on my favorite forum.

    It's my personal laptop, I only bought it in Auguest and I've been bringing it to work, and yesterday I put a cup of coffee too near it.

    It was horrible. Picture a puddle underneath, and when you lift it & tilt it, coffee comes streaming out from under the keyboard.

    I've got it inverted, with the battery out, and a fan on it. I haven't tried to turn it back on yet, I'm waiting till tomorrow to try...

    From what I understand (though I haven't called yet) applecare doesn't cover owner stupidity.... sigh.

    Lesson learned. No liquids near the notebook. :sad:
  2. Awww, honey, I did something like this to my laptop last month... spilled soup on mine. The keyboard doesn't work anymore and the touch pad only works sometimes, but I was able to connect a new keyboard to an extension port as well as a mouse. But mines a PC, so I don't know if MAC's have this.

    I'm hoping it's just moisture for you... and that it works okay! Yeah, I don't think they cover owner clumbsyness either, but hopefully, being it's a good one, they made it to withstand a little coffee!

    Roo started a thread on my little goof too... it's in the Up To The Minute Thread... let me go find it.

    ETA: Here ya go!

    Be a good sport when they tease you too! HA! (Nice to know I'm not the only one who does this!)
  3. OMG im so sorry, I also have a mac book, dont use it that much but Im so scared because they are so expensive. Im holding out and praying for you :smile: :hugs:
  4. I'm sorry! Hope it still works.
  5. Aaargh that's a nightmare! I sure hope you can get it to work again.
  6. That really sucks, i am very sorry :sad:
    Last year I bought a brand new sony laptop and within the first 2 days dropped it off my lap onto the floor, hard drive needed replaced.
  7. I'm soooooo sorry sweetie!

    When I was in high school, my classmate knocked over a cup of coffee on the teacher's laptop too! I could see the pain in his eyes. But as nice and as mature as he is, he swallowed it and let it go. I remember he took a big breath and said it's okay. I felt so sorry for him!
  8. Yikes... I too am an owner of a MacBook. Something like that would give me a reason to buy the new thin MacBook
  9. JKP sending good wishes over your way. your Macbook holds special place with us because we were all together when you bought it and i know how much you love it. crossing fingers everything will be ok :heart:
  10. Steve Jobs told me that Macs were completely indestructible. They're made form the skin of angels. You've got nothing to worry about.
  11. oh noooo! your baby macbook pro is about the same age as mine! i would die. seriously. i hope it turns out ok! and you never roommate accidentally dropped her cell phone into a cup of coke zero, let it dry out, and it was ok after a few days. that was almost a year ago, and she still uses it just fine.

    and just a word of advice to anyone that is particularly accident prone...if you buy your laptop at Best Buy, they have certain service plans that cover accidental damage - any kind of drops, spills, cracked screens, etc. a friend of mine got drunk and spilled a beer on his laptop and got it replaced with a new one because of the service plan. so, if you're accident prone or have a history of breaking laptops this way, something to consider!
  12. well obviously, he didn't mean Macs, he meant Chuck Norris. his mistake.
  13. My boyfriend said it may end up being OK and that 3 days is a good amount of time to let it dry out.

  14. O/T but that's happened to me, and friends, and our phones still work. The only thing I've ever seen kill a phone is someone accidently dropping it in a pool.
  15. i work at best buy, and we see pleeeeeenty of people that break phones, ipods, and any other kind of small electronic device with liquids. i think most of them try to turn them on too quickly before they've dried fully.

    the supervisor in our wireless department actually put his cell phone through the washer and dryer (in his pants pocket) and it still works! which is extra surprising since it's a motorola, and usually those will break if you so much as look at them the wrong way...