Autumn/Winter - what do we think?

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  1. Hi Ladies

    The A/W collection has been out for a few weeks now, so what do you guys think?

    It's been a bit quiet on the forum so anyone keeping things to themselves :graucho:?

    Any Inspire Me's or Covet Mes secretly winging their way to Belenistas around the world? If so, 'fess up NOW! I can't wait for some more pics.

    There haven't been a lot of August BEC reveals either...I live for other peoples pics, modelling shots and BEC combos so if you snapped up one of these, start posting. :smile:
  2. I think the Inspire Me is gorgeous, but it's a bit big for me, so I am going to BEC a Make Me Smile Midi instead.

    Ashley sent me some swatches of the new nutmeg VM, olive SSM, choco crackle, and shimmer grey leathers - the olive and shimmer grey seem pretty hard-wearing, but the one that I have gone nuts for is the choco crackle - seems pretty indestructible, and looks amazing in the sunlight. Now trying to decide between that, choco crash, and the new coffee VM leather, waiting for the swatches to arrive to me. I wasn't planning on a brown bag this autumn, but that choco crackle swatch created some serious desire!
  3. I've ordered an Inspire Me in nutmeg;)
  4. I have too many BECs in the pipeline to order a stock with my love of mini...not much has grabbed me other then leathers...and plenty has grabbed my interest there! LOL!

    I do have 2 August BECs coming, just got completed and are shipping to London as we I hope they mail out later this week to me here in the US...will reveal them when they arrive!
  5. hi indiagirl! welcome to the BE forum :welcome:

    what got you into BE. have you got any BE bags already?

    Would you mind posting some photos of those swatches? I am not sure any of us have seen that many swatches of the new leathers! What is the difference between choco crackle and crash?

    I am not sure if you saw the recent thread about the MMS but make sure you ask BE to STITCH the belt loop on the side of the bag. I would put that in your comments box because lots of us were surprised to find out our bags had been stapled.

  6. A little bird tells me that there will be some new bags on the "new to me" thread too...;)
  7. I ordered the Black Shimmer Covet me and the Nutmeg Inspire me..;)

    I recieved the Covet me today, but have been far too busy to take comparing pics betwen this one and the Treasure me.
    I can say it's very, very slim, and clings to the body..and is very light to carry..
  8. Payed for my august BEC (HugMe midi black crash) today.....maybe reveal next week?

    Today I received swatches from shimmer grey and dark red pebbled; possible one of them for another BEC (not sure can afford it yet!)

    VanB: how about your nutmeg BEC?
  9. Hi Pollux

    My Nutmeg TMA should be produced by early October, so not so long to wait now!

  10. those leathers sound great -- would it be possible for you to post pictures of the swatches? thanks, I'd be interested to see the crackle and shimmery gray :tup:
  11. Hi, I am travelling at the moment and don't have the swatches with me - but will be back home in a week and will take pictures then and post them. By then, I should also have a swatch of the choco crash, so I can compare it to the crackle. To my eyes, the shimmer grey looks a lot like taupe but a little distressed. Of all the swatches I have seen so far the choco crackle and shimmer grey seem the most hard-wearing, immune to scratches and water droplets.

    Pinkdiamond, thank you for the MMS midi advice, I will definitely mention that! I got into BE late last year, looking at the website, bought my first bag in the winter/spring sale - now I have five - a taupe matte TME, a pewter crash LMM, a buttercream pebbled Treasure Me, a mottled gold Clutch Me, and a BEC pearlized mustard pebbled Hold Me. Love them all, but I think making a bag through BEC is just such an looking forward to my next BEC, which will be the last bag I get this year - an MMS midi in a brown or red leather. How many BEs do you own? How did you discover it?
  12. Wow Indiagirl, you know so much about BE and all the leathers already! If I didn't know better I'd think I was talking to the owner of the company!!

    I discovered BE through the TPF and I have quite a few, although i didn't build a collection as quickly as you. You really must do some photos for us soon!
  13. I kind of like the Inspire Me, but I don't like all the tassels. When I look at it, the two outer tassels look like ears and the two middle tassels look like the eyes... and the nose looks like the middle pleat, but in the wrong spot. I kind of can't get past it!
  14. Cool, thanks for the information :smile:
    where're you traveling to? Anyplace fun? What BE are you carrying for your trip and how're you liking it? It would be great to snap a photo of your BE bag on vacation and send it into BE (of course post it here too so we can drool over it) so they can post it up on their website :tup:
  15. The Choco Crackle is a leather that's going to last and take a lot of abuse and still come out looking like a queen. I love that leather too. It's thick and beautiful. The Choco Crash is also beautiful. Very, very beautiful. Lighter, though, not as heavy or thick or chewy. I have to say that although I did have a choice, I ordered a Choco Crash recently, but only because that leather is almost gone, and I figured I can get a Choco Crackle later.