AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 Podium Order

  1. Thanks for these great comparison photos!!! Rose Lipstick looks more pink than the other two!
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    It does. I compared the UV Clemence swatch to Cassis Fjord, the colours are very similar with the former slightly more purple (with more blue undertone) whilst the latter has red undertone. Purple lovers might want to consider a diff style of bag if one already has Cassis.
  3. I m thrilled for u too
    Such a beauty n nice color
    Many congrats
  4. thank you all! soooo looking forward for the new colors, love them allllll

  5. Pierina
    , thanks for sharing the comparison between Bleu Lin and Ciel! Love Bleu Lin, it's a gorgeous color.
    It also happens to be a favorite of my SA.
  6. You're very welcome. :smile: I would say that Rose Lipstick is a beautiful peachy pink, definitely not a cool pink.
  7. You're very welcome, Keekee.

    sydgirl, I think that Rose Lipstick will be very pretty in a bag, even more than than in the swatches.

    Vigee, will you be taking oyur SA's advice about Bleu Lin? :graucho:

    Poooop, thanks and I'm very grateful for all the pictures too. That ultraviolet bag is amazing!
  8. There you go, 30cm Clemence Birkin in Ultraviolet with Gold Hardware. :smile:
  9. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

    One word. GORGEOUS!!!!


  10. It's sooooooo pretty!!! Congrats!

  11. This is beautiful!!! Love love the color
  12. AMazing, she is beautiful!!!!!!
  13. Thank you so much for the comaprison pictures, as it is really helpful!
  14. Lovely londondolly, congrats!! I have a Cassis Birkin, and this looks like a darker Cassis.
  15. pierina, thanks for the comparision pictures. They are very helpful. :smile: