AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 Podium Order

  1. Varvara, Thanks for the information.
  2. I wonder if the Élan that was ordered for me a few months ago in swift or epsom will ever show up at the boutique. I'll be so disappointed.
  3. :cry: Things just go from bad to worse on the chevre front. I guess I will be stalking eBay for birkins in future.
  4. Thank you vavara for this inforamtion. I'm going to need that dark blue :ty:
  5. Thank you for sharing this information varvara. Some of these colors sound amazing.
  6. Vavara:ty:for sharing this information.:flowers:I am sad to hear about the constance being eliminated in regular leathers:cry:
  7. :tdown: sad.
  8. Confirming this again. I've been told the same. This actually doesn't bother me much. I love the Constance, but even the bigger version doesn't hold a lot. I can fit my Bearn wallet, a phone, keys, that's about it. I can't really even put a makeup/personal essentials pouch in there comfortably. I've been using it as an casual evening bag so I don't mind if it's going to be exotics (reads fancy :biggrin:) only going forward.

    Thanks varvara for all the intels!
  9. ^^ how wonderful would it be, if they made an Ultraviolet lizard CDC with GHW.... swooooon! can't wait to see Ultraviolet IRL...

    thanks varvara for the info! promise to be discreet. ;)
  10. Thank you for sharing, varvara :flowers:!
  11. Thanks for the information and update, varvara
  12. Thanks for the wonderful news, Varvara.
  13. this was my first thought, a CDC in ultraviolet lizzie! i hope they make it!

    thanks for posting varvara! the lipstick pink sounds lovely!
  14. Ultraviolet might be made into Extreme or one of Hermes leather bracelets. No confirmation at the moment. Ita about discretion.:smile:
  15. Thank you ladies for the info.
    Any news about Barenia?