AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 Podium Order

  1. It is the time of the season again, please post/share all related information here following the Spring/Summer 2012 Podium.
  2. I just posted some info at the spring/ summer 2012 podium:

    Just received the news that no box or chevre mysore are available to order at the podium.
    For those interested in pink there will be a new pink colour called Rose Lipstick. It will be available to order for bags etc. I'm very curious to know if it's similar to Rose Tyrien or Rose Shocking.
  3. I have an information Constance bags won't be made in non-exotic leathers anymore... Just Croc... So all the fans of good all box constance, try to get your hands on some while possible!

    My SM should have the new swatches very soon, so I am anxiously waiting... Will take photos of the new colors and post as soon as possible.
  4. Does this also apply to Special orders or will they still do SO in chevre mysore???

    CONSTANCE NOT MADE IN REGULAR LEATHER AT ALL!?!??!?! :wtf::wtf::wtf: I feel like someone just gutted me. I seriously hope this is not true... why would they do that???? It is such a classic bag!
  5. It's still possible to SO Chevre Mysore.
  6. OMG thank you Koga. I was literally feeling ill :sweatdrop:
  7. This is what my SM told me. He knows I like Constance bags, so he passed this on me as important news...
    Supposedly, although the bag is sleek and rather "plain", it is rather complicated to make it. And not worth in non-exotics anymore. Just Crocs. This is exact info from my SM.
  8. Yes I have heard of the same thing even earlier this month. Now i regret turning down a box constance just because it was not the right hardware ><

    I am very interested at this new pink "Rose Lipstick", I wonder whether it is a very girl pink like the pInk or more of a hot pink like Rose shocking or somewhat red like Rose Jaipur!
  9. i feel ill at this news... :sick::sick::sick:

    i really wish i had discovered and started collecting hermes earlier... before price increases and before the discontinuation of some amazing pieces... i feel devastated right now :cry: i really love the constance and wanted to collect them.
  10. Omg I hope its a bright hot pink like rose tyrien or rose shocking!! I've been wanting a bright pink!! Any news if something similar to a lagoon will be out???
    Super excited :nuts::woohoo::yahoo::woot:

  11. i'm also feeling ill about "no box" are available to order....does that apply to all colors?:sick::sick::sick:
  12. OMG! I was planning to finally get a Constance this year - after being content with the Kellys and Birkins I have...... Just whatsapp my SA and she hasn't heard the news yet. I hope I find one this year, fingers crossed and thanks for the heads up!
  13. Thank you for sharing varvara! :flowers: Maybe I should get one now when it's still possible. I have thought that Constance is a style they'll have forever (in plain leather) but this changes the situation!
  14. omg i was thinking of selling my black constance to get another one in pop colour - i will not do so now!!
  15. i think H is making their brand even higher and only the uber rich can afford it. so i think i'll take my hiatus for now