Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 Collection catalog, got it? Lets chat!

  1. Got mine yesterday, settled down with it today.
    I NEED the leopard print ankle boots on page 8 ;).
    The front zipper Tote on page 11 WILL find its way to my closet. Classic practical design, what I love about TODS.

    With as many Drivers as I already own, I will make room for the ones on page 27, love the color and distressed look.
    I'll try and find pictures online so you'll know what I'm talking about.
  2. ^^ Hmmm, the link isn't working. I am curious to see the bag you are referring to! ;)
  3. it's on Saks website. Has 2 front pockets and 2 zips. Really cute tote and I still have my Saks gift card from my points... Very tempting!
  4. I love that bag! It's super soft. I have the same bag without the pockets--it's really beautiful!

    BTW,I received my catalog today! Yay! ;)
  5. Maybe we need to go shopping together ;).
    Here it is! Love it!
  6. thanks for sharing, LTbaglady!
    Are you getting it?

    I like the leather! Looks very usable too. :smile:
  7. It's being seriously considered! :graucho: I love TODS practical design, love totes and the outside pockets make this bag very desirable. I'll stop in at the boutique or Saks next weekend and try it on, she may just have to come home with me ;).
  8. The leather has a wonderfully soft texture--I couldn't stop touching it!

    It's a good size too--TOD'S tend to be oversized but this one is just right!
  9. ^^That bag will be on sale at SAKS starting Wednesday!!
  10. ooooh, thanks for the intel!
  11. i saw it online also, and i loveit!!!!!! this bag really caught my attention!!!!! did anyone here get it and want to share pics? i'd love to see it!!! thank you!!!
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    Has anyone seen the army greenish Bucket Bag listed in the Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 Collection IRL?
    Any idea how much it's going in Euro?

  13. It costs 560 €, but I haven't seen the bag yet in real life.
  14. tiem, I must add about 560 € seems to be the price for Italy. Look here: (and there's no green one available).
    In Germany or elsewhere it will be more expensive.

    I really like the shoulder bag in grey with off-white on page 42. But acutually that's a colour combination which is not usefull for my needs.