Autumn/ winter 14 womens - Not a Fan

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  1. So Burberry just had there A/W 14 womens runway show and I have to say that I am not liking it. The bags are huge and ugly IMO and the ready to wear is a little 'native american' for an English brand..

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I wasn't a fan either.
  3. I actually liked it a lot. I always love Burberry so I'm a little biased but I always love their Fall/Winter collection and always hate Spring/Summer. Fall/Winter fits me perfectly because its mostly darker colors whereas spring summer is just too bright. The bags look different, and I like quirky different things. They're a little bit on the big side but I still love it.
  4. I liked the bags and the scarf too. If I had extra money to spend close to 5000 dollars for a bag, I would buy one of them. It looks like a work of art. Plus you can add a name plate on it. Check out the website.
  5. Yes the made to order service is a great addition I really think Burberry is miles ahead on this score. I have one from last year and was really looking forward to getting my second one. But these designs (although intricate) are just too heavy looking for my climate and I don't like how big and bulky they are. Hopefully they will release a smaller version later in the year. Oh well there is always S/S.
  6. wasn't a fan !
  7. The Scarf Cara wore on the runway has me in love. Definitely getting that one!