Autumn is approaching..

  1. It doesn't feel like fall here yet. The past few weeks have been in the 80's or so. I think it's supposed to cool down in a few days though! :smile:
  2. Very ugly and nasty out today. Grey skies, very windy with bouts of rain. It's around 11°C outside right now.

    Here's what it looks like outside right now:

  3. It's freezing here! We had a few days of beautiful fall weather (sunny, warm, love) and now? Cold and rainy. I hope we get some more nice days before it's hopeless and winter sets in. It's in the low 40s (F) right now.
  4. It's been really erratic here...really cold in the morning, pretty warm from 1-5, and then FREEZING at night, like it's having a hard time deciding what season it wants to be.
  5. Very beautiful day today, even though it's cooooooold! (7°C right now) :sunshine:

    Here's the picture outside our bedroom window...pretty colors (I think!) :smile:

  6. ^ Pretty picture! :smile:
  7. Usually, I dont like fall since it meant back to school and no more fun... but this year im welcoming it since its the last fall ill be in grad school and I am just barreling through it since after the fall/winter I will be free :biggrin:
  8. Fall here (Florida) means it's just less hot. I LOVE fall and winter, as it's our only escape from the crushing heat. I'm so envious when I see pictures of fall/winter scenes, especially holiday scenes, of places that actually have a winter.
  9. Taking a scenic drive along Skyline Drive or Blue Ridge Parkway ;)
  10. A picture I took while driving today...I love fall! It's so beautiful!
  11. The trees are getting to be their most gorgeous here, so thought I'd add in a few more pictures I took today: