Autumn gold or Charbon GSH city?

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  1. I want to get a brown bag for this autumn. But I can't deside which one is better. which color goes better with the GSH? Would you gals help me with this?:smile:

    I am 5'3, kinda skinny.

    thank you very much for your suggestion!:P
  2. I have an Automne GSH City and it's a very nice combination. I have only seen Charbon with GGH (IRL) and it was very pretty. I think the colors are very different so it's more a matter of taste. I also think either one would look good with GSH. The Charbon is brown like a brownie and the Automne is more like a honey or golden tan.

    Good luck
  3. The Automne City is such a pretty bag!
  4. I like the Charbon GSH PT! Very pretty brown.
  5. Definitely go with what you love most, but Charbon with SGH is SO gorgeous :biggrin:!!
  6. i think the Automne GGH is too much brown and doesn't give the color combo any contrast so my vote is for the Charbon GSH! :tup: good luck!
  7. Thank you very much! I haven't seen them in person. Your reply is very helpful!!!
  8. It is a beauty in the picture I saw.:biggrin:
  9. Thank you for your reply! I saw the picture and the brown color is very dark. Sort of like black city.
  10. hmmm....seems a lot of votes for this one
  11. Thanks! I will seriously think about Charbon! :smile:
  12. Both are pretty, but it depends on whether you want a medium-brown bag or a really dark-brown one. I used to own both colours. Automne is a light honey-gold brown... very nice and vintage-looking, tends to have a marbly effect. Charbon is really dark, very even in colour. I would say the Charbon GSH looks more dressy and the Automne GSH looks more casual. I'm personally not a fan of Automne + GSH. I prefer it with RH. I think Charbon looks good with GSH.
  14. Michk and fuchsiafirefly,

    thank you very much !
  15. I am a huge fan of Charbon so that gets my vote. I like the ashy-ness of the brown & some of the leather are very dark brown that looks like really fresh coffee beans.