autumn dior bags

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  1. Hi Girls,

    Today I saw the newest trends from the dior fashion show and I can tell you buying the gaucho bag was the best thing I could do :lol: !!!

    Especially the double saddle in white still stays in trend next season !!!!

    THE Gaucho will be produced in white leather with python applications. ITS GOING TO BE THE IT BAG NEXT WINTER ...

    So ladys buy a gaucho in white, its not only a trendy bag this season !!!

    I could post some pics if you like :shame:
  2. There's another thread on this, also, susanna. There's photos on there of gauchos done in reptile prints and with fur. It would interest you, so check it out -- the thread was started by theartofacquisition.
    If you have a good photo of the dior bag, that would be great!
    Thanks for the update, susanna. Interesting that Dior is continuing to work with this bag over the next year -- but I think that it's really just an extension of the Dior saddle theme, no?
  3. I love the bags that were posted, can't wait for the python, it looks like it has some pink in it too or something :love:
  4. python and pink = yum
  5. Totally agree, anyone know the price point on these yet?
  6. No idea. But I agree with all that the bag pics that were posted were very nice.
  7. i don't think we can buy python leagally in CA... :cry: :cry:
  8. Vegas is next door! :biggrin:
  9. ^^^:lol: smuggle it in.
  10. I was told that we can "bring it in", just can't be shipped in using FedEX.
  11. ooo cool! Nothing is stopping you ladies then!