Autumn 2016

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  1. So it appears that the colorblocking of recent Longchamp seasons may be about to give way to...

    Wait for it...

    Animal Prints.

    Asked by Women's Wear Daily about "designer inspirations" ahead of Paris Fall Fashion Week 2016, this was the quote and sketch that Longchamp provided:

    Personally I'm a bit hesitant about animal prints. But I'm eager to see the new "luxurious autumnal palette." :popcorn:
  2. Not big on animal prints but I love autumn colors!!
  3. +1
  4. Could be rather interesting, i can tolerate subtle animal prints.. I also love seasonal base colors.
  5. TY Cosmo for opening the thread.

    Some pix I've been saving. Lots of red and more pouches! A new version of Penelope.
    longfall2016.jpg lc2016.jpg lc2016d.jpg
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  6. Ah love to see the new stuff. Thanks for posting. That Penelope is interesting. Guess we'll be seeing some more next week.
  7. OMG!!! Thanks so much for the photos, seton!! I am loving that little Roseau Croco with the shoulder strap!! Not red for me, but another colour like black or blue would be fantastic! I am also loving all the pouches in the first pic :biggrin:

    The new leather/suede on the Penelope looks interesting too. Have to see the zipper and hope for longer handles.

    That "saw tooth" Cuir looks interesting too. But could be patent leather...?
  8. image.jpeg
  9. I have a bunch of blurry screenshots to post from the runway show. :nuts:

    These new leather totes look promising to me...
    tote1.png tote2.png tote3.png tote4.png
  10. More of the tote... plus a random hobo
    tote5.png tote6.png tote7.png hobo1.png
  11. croco as posted by seton previously
    croco1.png croco2.png
  12. Heritage and the only Penelope I saw in the show
    heritage1.png heritage2.png penelope1.png
  13. Paris Rocks
    parisrocks1.png parisrocks2.png parisrocks3.png
  14. white fur Roseaus
    whitefur1.png whitefur2.png whitefur3.png