Autumn 2012

  1. You got the best bag of the season for me!! Petrol is nice but too seasonal a blue for me and too hard to wear with much so not practical enough imo for the cost (daria is the nicest in this colour imo and as I have 2 daria satchels am not remotely tempted)- ditto flame- way too bright orange as a colour for me to get much wear out of with a neutral wardrobe so again for me just not a practical buy (if I was ever buying!!)- and the black forest is too similar to conker- and I have conker and oxblood bags already from past seasons so have no need to add any more- arent I good- of course if I had any money a printed bays and a printed lily would be mine- but not lusting after any of the seasonal colours at all!!
  2. I have just noticed this and love this colour as well.
    Reminds me of Ochre a little bit.:smile:
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    Thanks to you elvisfan4life it truly is stunning.
    Cost an arm and a leg though.;)
    Im not tempted at all as yet this was the biggie and am really happy with my collection at present and am using them all in turn.
    The aqua poppy and ostrich lily are still to be used.
    There is one bag that MiniMabel has in the ref library a tooled bays in a lovely lavender colour which is rare and looks lovely.
    If i were to buy something which wont be for ages now it may well be a tooled bays as i need a bays that i can use everyday and feel my black is just too much. Also mulberryellie has a bespoke printed roxanne WOW
    Ive never liked the roxanne but that bag id kill for.:giggles: Its so unique.
    Do u know how much they cost and do they make them specially to order?
    Just out of interest. Not that im going to buy one.
  4. Ellie had a nightmare with Mulb- she sent a bag for repair- which they wrongly thought was fake and scrapped-when it was sorted they apologied and to make it up to her they offered her the bag of her dreams made bespoke and she choose the printed roxy- isnt it just amazing???- but a complete one off and absolutely priceless- they dont offer a bespoke service any more and would never redo old models now sadly- we can just lust!!
  5. WOWSERS!! What a crummy thing to happen but what an amazing way of apologising!!
  6. What an amazing story :woot:
  7. Yeah its very ochrey (if thats a word) I love that colour
  8. ....I have been regularly lusting after that very bag of Ellie's for weeks now (actually since I joined and first came across it!!!)......oh I wish they still did bespoke - maybe we could all sign a petition to pursuade!!!:graucho:....
  9. Wow amazing stroke of luck.
    Just as well shame though it might have been my next target ha ha ha
    I really love that Roxanne its the best.:cool:
    Lucky Ellie that bag is the best Roxanne ever imo what gr8 taste she has.:biggrin:
  10. Yes the Daria was stunning in petrol blue! Really really gorgeous. The best seasonal bag for AW12 I think. I have two Darias as well so can't realistically add another as Darias mainly get used on weekends or casually.

    You and I are so similar. I felt black forest couldn't match up to my oxblood Daria and so it was no longer a must have. For a 6th Bays it woud have to really wow me. Although if I didn't have oxblood I would ave snapped it up.

    OMG flame was really as its name. Thought it would blind me! Hehe.

    Lily in oak left me underwhelmed. She does nothing for my complexion. Sigh. next time I start craving a lily based on pics here remind me that the colour does not suit me in a small bag!
  11. I can be your unglamorous granny- but yes we have similar classic simple tastes!! The flame is too bright isnt it? Just not practical really unless you want a bag to use very infrequently and they are too expensive for that now!

    BTW just saw your post about the lottery win- bless you - you are soooo sweet!:biggrin:
  12. definitely NOT granny!!!! older sis is more like it! hehe. :smile:
  13. I see they have it on the site again. I lalmost pulled the trigger on that one several times and then was crushed when it sold out. So this time I think I'll do it unless someone ttells me it's loud or something . . . . I love the print. I like brightly colored bags, not the least bit conservative. If you've seen it, let me know what you thought.
  14. Do you think we've seen all the new colours for Autumn 2012 or will there be any more?
  15. I saw the petrol Daria yesterday and didn't really like it. I think my bank balance is safe from Mulberry this season :smile: