Autumn 2012

  1. The sbs in flame is on NAP. I think that's it?
  2. There's a lovely yellow/light brown one, called sycamore , on the Mulberry coming soon section now. They've put a few other bags up now too, no sign of Petrol Lily yet... :sad:
  3. Did not think much of del rey but having just looked at the coming soon section I think I have fell in LOVE with the petrol one. The lambskin looks soooo lush!
  4. Strangely enough, I thought the same!
  5. :smile: the grain is just beautiful and I like the structure. I think I love the petrol too although I just hope it's not a colour that's seasonal in fashion. Also i always wear my bags in the crook of my arm. So this is perfect for that! I have decided that I need one. 895 is £100 more expensive than the other del reys.
  6. I'm undecided on my next bag, but I think it needs to be petrol! It's a colour that would actually go well with lots of my clothes anyway.

    I was decided on Bryn to start with, but I think it might be a bit small for my needs. I'll need to have a play with the Del Rey and Bays when they arrive in store!
  7. The petrol bays lambskin is beautiful!

    I also like the sycamore, but I think this one will go in the sale
  8. Some of the ankle boots and scarves are looking very tempting..
  9. Def the Black Forrest for me....I keep drooling each time I see her ....
  10. Next week i will go to the shop in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.I hope that they have something in petrol and black forest.And i'm looking for a Lily,maybe in black.
  11. A year ago, I had no Mulberries. Now I have 4 Bays, a Daria and two locked purses. It's a sickness! I guess it's time for a "family" shoot.
  12. I saw Daria in petrol's way tooooo nice!! Bella messenger in oak was also toooooo nice, oh dear!!! :tup:
  13. Oooh yes please :smile:
  14. The oak printed Alexa caught my eye and i could have got the Bryn but felt it was too masculine and too small for me. The flame bays is gorgeous havent seen it irl though but was a close contender. Petrol is ok but didnt do anything for me so went for the Alexa and im so glad i did what a perfect bag top quality leather and structured and smart.
  15. Yes I was looking at the Sycamore colour I think its lovely to