Autumn 06 collection questions with picture

  1. Attached is a picture from the chloe website. Are these bags available yet? I know that the two from the right are ediths, but the medium seems to have a longer shoulder drop, even longer than the large's, and longer than the drop available on the current medium. Is this just a poor picture or is this true for the new collection? Also, does anyone know the name of the bag on the left? I thought it was the big edith, the one everyone thinks looks like a cross between an edith and a muse but the buckles and pockets are not there on the one listed on lvr. Where do I find this bag? also, it looks like it has a decent shoulder drop. Does anyone have dimensions? Thanks.
    fall bags questions.JPG
  2. Hi Kathleen. I think the bag in the middle is the Box Edith. The gray bag on the right is the medium Edith. I think I remember seeing the different Edith versions on the LVR website.
  3. The muse-y at BG is different from what is pictured on The handle is shorter and there is no flap over. Or is just a different view???
    muse chloe at BG.jpg fall bags.jpg
  4. ^ No you're right...that's a totally different bag. ^
  5. Where did you find that picture of that bag?
    I like it much better than the pre-order one.
    I wonder if it was a prototype and they didn't make it.
  6. I found it on in the autumn 06 collection pictures (#36) and I agree with you, I like it much better. I like the flap over. I like the fact that there is no thick "band" around the bottom. The shoulder strap seems longer. The whole bag seems taller. I am interested in this bag, while I am not interested in the one on lvr. Please let us know if you find out anything.
  7. I called Chloe in NY and they said this bag will not be available at the Boutiques. They are ordering the other one. They said certain Department Stores will be carrying it. So I emailed Chloe and asked where we can buy it. I'll let you know their response. :P
  8. That Musey one which I love can be pre ordered on LVR.
  9. Thank you , Chicbags.
  10. Nice pics. Love the Edith on the far left of the pic.
  11. I could be wrong because it has been awhile... I think my SA at Ron Herman showed me a picture of the one from the site. Meaning... I think Ron Herman in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa bought it. Give them a call???
  12. So the Dome Bag or Musey one have two versions? Did Phoebe Philo still involve in the development? Seems the collection is less exciting than before.
  13. might want to hit up Nordstroms, theyre getting a lot of chloes for fall
  14. Thanks for the tip. Is there a Ron Herman at South Coast Plaza?