automatic watches for ladies

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  1. It seems real watch lovers prefer automatic watches, pretty much turn their noses up at quartz. But I notice most of the automatics out there (with possible exception of Rolex) are men's. Yesterday, I was casually looking for an inexpensive watch for my DH as alternative to buying new crystal for his watch which he doesn't love. Without even trying, I came across two automatic watches for approx $50. One was a Tissot, which was very tempting. But I knew he wouldn't wear it as it had an orange rubber strap. Also even though he is large, I don't think he would like the bulkiness.
    I'm tempted to get one of these for myself just for fun. Do any of you ladies wear men's automatics?
  2. If it will fit, I will wear it. I like the Invicta Pro Diver Automatic watch (40mm), There is a really nice one at the Jewelry Televsion website, which I have my eye on a Swiss Military automatic. (they are liquidating). If you have a larger wrist, you can probably carry off 45mm cases. That's the problem, many are huge.
    There are ladies automatics out there. It depends on how much you would like to spend--unfortunately, there aren't enough. I have an Invicta Reserve Selita Automatic. Swiss Made, meteorite dial, diamonds, COSC certified. I also have a Croton Lady Super C 35mm case. rubber and steel braclet with 1000 feet water resistance. These retailed originally at $700, but if you want a steal of a deal, you can pick one at up If money is no object, then you will have more options. Although I have some expensive pieces, I think its neat to snap up a bargain, when I can and I like share with all of you on the forum.
  3. I wear a gents Rolex GMT2 black dial and bezel in the winter,in the summer I wear a gents Rolex Explorer 2 with a white dial,I love them,but then I think oversized watches on girls look great.
  4. Anne Klein makes some cute automatic watches for $100-$150 that are skeletonized (you can see the moving parts).

    I have a "faux" automatic watch with my Fossil Twist, but nothing that's truly automatic. I sort of turned off to automatics for myself because I wouldn't be able to bring myself to spend the money on servicing them (for a nice one). My husband owns 3 automatics and a manual-wind watch. He's purchased them all within a month or 2. Which means in 4-5 years he has to take them all in to get serviced at a probably cost of $1500. :wtf:

    I see that number and I'm like, "That's another watch!!"
  5. I wear a VCA men's automatic watch & am thinking of purchasing another men's watch soon. Love big watches with automatic mechanism. Don't like worrying about changing batteries.
  6. I have a rolex and a chanel j12 that are both automatic... ladies carter are automatic also!