Automatic Watch Recommendation <$1K

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  1. Hello! I am a lurker and I have been doing some research. I love watches and always admire them in stores but so far I've only worn cheap $20 battery watches my whole life. I'd really like to get a long-term watch, automatic movement, high-quality, more of an "upscale" brand but not too ostentatious. Something understated, classy, can be worn in all occasions.

    I am considering the Tissot Le Locle Automatic Lady with a black leather band. What do you guys think of this brand and watch style? (I dream of some of the luxury brands such as Cartier, but I simply can't afford it) However I don't want to look like a cheap wannabe by getting this brand. Do you think the Tissot name brand will have good staying power for many years and not get "dated"?

    Link to the same with stainless steel band:

    Another point, I have really, really, really tiny skinny wrists and fingers, so the watch has to be as small and thin as possible because a lot of stuff looks really clunky and massive on me. And I want to wear it every day, walking the dog etc. The Tissot watch is 8.4mm in width which is basically the skinniest I could find for an automatic.

    If not this one what other brands can you recommend to me? Thanks!!
  2. I think Tissot is a great choice. I like the style you posted
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  3. Tissot is a wonderful brand! It's hard to gauge "staying power" sometimes, because so many people who gravitate towards luxury brands (understandably) lean towards Rolex, Omega, Cartier, etc -- and skip over the more mid-range options. But they've been around for at least a century and a half, are still Swiss made, and have gorgeous styles imo. Grace Kelly wore Tissot & Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.

    Other brands around the same price point to consider -- Hamilton, maybe? Longines?
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  4. Tissot, has been around a long time and is now part of the swatch group which also includes Omega, Hamilton and Longines (amongst others). I think the watch you’re looking at is a classic shape, it’s not going to date, and it’ll be great for everyday. I also prefer a leather strap to a bracelet, it’s lighter and I find it much more comfortable, and when it starts to look tired it’s easy to replace and maybe have a change of colour :smile:

    Another brand to consider is Oris. They make automatic watches at a good price point, they’re an independent Swiss brand. I have one and I’m very happy with it.
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  5. Probably not what you want but just fyi, I had a Citizen eco drive watch. Those are quartz powered by the sun. Here's an example of a simple one
    I didn't have mine that long but I don't think with a watch like this you'd have the service costs of a true automatic. My Rolex costs over $500 to service. Tissot may be less expensive. Maybe like cars, the more expensive ones cost more for service.
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  6. Try looking at Frederique Constant. Not sure if they have an automatic under $1000 though.
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  7. I'm thinking of picking up a Captain Marvel Citizen watch for myself and a Spider-man one as a gift as the price of $350 to $400 seems beyond reasonable to me. We are not watch connoisseurs whatsoever, so we don't need or care about any of the bells and whistles, but were you happy with your eco drive watch?
  8. It wasn't my dream watch style-wise so I didn't keep it for very long but it performed just fine and looked fine
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  9. I was going to suggest Federique Constant as well. Their price points are pretty good for what you get.
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  10. Thank you for all the suggestions! I have checked out Frederique Constant, Hamilton, Oris, Longines. I'm going to mull it over some more!