autographed saddle carlisle

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  1. I agree..Heck no!
  2. That's what I said. With some added profanities lol
  3. lol, I don't think I would ever buy something like's cool that it is autographed but when I see those things on ebay I feel like you're buying someone else's memory of meeting that celebrity. It's like, I want to meet them myself, not just have the autograph!

    Not to mention, I really hope that sig isn't sharpie....all that acid eating away at the bag and eventually making it turn yellow.....ahh!! Never use sharpie on anything you want to look good in a few years!!
  4. That is to much money
  5. Yeah, that's a little outrageous.
  6. HAHA!
    Seller actually lowered the price - it was listed at $1000 :wtf:
  7. Meh.. I love Gwen and all... and i like her bags... but I really don't feel the need to have one with an autograph.. but maybe that's just me
  8. Autographed T-Shirt ok...but a bag...not that other people matter but its just going to look like a black scribble no one is going to know it is autographed by her and even so what was the purpose? In my mind it de-valued the bag not make it more least in the looks department....:shrugs:
  9. I think the dustbag would've been better to get signed...or just have her sign a T.
    I wouldn't get anything signed unless it was something amazing like the late Coco. That would be crazy!
  10. This seller is craaazzzyyy :lol:
  11. I wouldn't want to buy someone elses autographed anything. I would rather have my own item personally autographed by gwen herself! And i would never sell a memory like that!