Autographed CLs invading ebay...

  1. Anyone else notice the flood of today's autographed CLs up for sale already? :rolleyes:
  2. I only saw the one pair, but it irks me that so many people are so hot to make a profit off of him. I just hope it doesn't make him less inclined to do the appearances; even if I can't make it to any, it makes me respect him even more that he does them.
  3. I have a couple pairs that were signed today that I plan to put on eBay tomorrow. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  4. I havn't checked the bay yet but it's not really a surprise. I don't think it's wrong in any way...just a few lady's selling to make money to buy more goodies. I think I would be tempted to do the same if I lived in the US.
    Now if it's like 10 pairs it's a bid unethical but that really is only my personal opinion, but 1 or 2...?! Maybe he should limit the number of shoes he signs per person ?
  5. I don't like it one bit.
  6. What's the problem? Only the same as selling a signed poster or record
  7. I think it was an issue with Saks if not with CL based on some comments I have picked up hear and there. My issue with it is did people who wanted to sell the shoes for profit keep someone who wanted the shoes as a keepsake for themselves from being able to see Mr. Louboutin? Also, from what I hear there was not time to really talk with him or interact with him. If alot of people were just in it for the signature and profit that may have contributed to why there was not time for him to spead quality time with his fans.

    Now I understand getting signatures and reselling. I am a science fiction fan and have been to quite a few conventions. I obtain autographs for myself, but there are vendors getting signatures to sell. The difference is that in conventions there are many other chances to interact with the actor or artist even on a one on one level.
  8. That is my fear - that he will stop doing appearances because of it.

    There is one on eBay that I really love in my size but I couldn't afford it before the signature and I certainly couldn't buy it now with the price jacked up, LOL
  9. I think its gonna happen no matter what but its kinda saddening because of the mark up and because he may no do appearances as much!
  10. Yeah, eBay is full of signed shoes. How tackie is that?
  11. I'm sure he must have known this would happen when he agreed to do appearances and autographs. This is a risk when anything is done in a limited edition. Look what happened with those tote bags that said "This is Not a Plastic Bag." Anything rare will end up being resold for profit, and there's obviously a market out there.
  12. I think that sums it up, the fear that it cheapens it.
  13. I agree.

    I wouldn't pay more for a pair of shoes just because he signed it.
  14. I said this in another thread, but I don't see the big deal of listing one or two pairs. But, yes personally I wouldn't pay more for a signed pair either. However, other Ebayers would.

    I think what would be funny is if some of these people that listed bought random sizes and had them signed and they don't sell. Now they are stuck w/ shoes that are final sale and that they can't wear. Not so bright. LOL
  15. Someone is actually selling the shoe box with his autograph -- shoes sold separately. Hilarious! :roflmfao: