Auto mechanic schools?

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  1. We have a young friend who would like to become an auto mechanic. does anyone have any clues about schools that he should check out? Also, do they offer financial aid for tech schools like this? Thanks!
  2. No one?
  3. You might want to look at a local community college first - it depends on where you're located.

    I know that in California, several schools have certifications for certain brands, including Ford, Toyota, Nissan/Infinity, Honda/Acura, Chevy and a few other major brands.

    Depending on the school, some will offer Financial Aid - it depends on the type of school and location.
    Where is he located?
  4. Location is a biggie. Here in CT, we have Porter & Chester (DO NOT GO THERE. TERRIBLE SCHOOL FOR AUTO.), ITS, NE Tech, and Baron Institute. BF went to Porter & Chester and really wishes he could have gone to UTI. UTI is probably the best bet if there's one around.
  5. he lives in Cali-but, he might be moving to NC to live with his father. I will check into the schools you guys mentioned-thanks!
  6. perhaps he can go to a local auto dealer, and ask how their mechanics are trained?
  7. I think that the best choice is a specialized course. It may cost a little more but you're a specialized mechanic, very different from a generic one. To gain more information you can have a look at UTI, that has several different auto mechanic specialized courses like FastTRACK (BMW), FACT (ford), TPAT (Toyota) and NASCAR too if he would like to become a sport automotive mechanic.
  8. They do! My friend's boyfriend just started a two year program for auto mechanics and he was able to get a grant. :smile:
  9. UTI has an excellent program.
  10. A friend's son is in the auto mechanics program at the local community college. It is a 2 year associates degree and eligible for Pell Grants, student loans, etc. just like any other curriculum.
  11. Look in to Wyotech too.
  12. Just coming in to second WyoTech it is supposed to be a GREAT school. Maybe I'm partial since I live in WY. :P They actually did a special once on OverHauled (on TLC) where they used the WyoTech garages. They are also forever mentioning it on Spike when they have the car shows on there.

    I did have a friend who lived in California that went to school at WyoTech though and as far as I know the program served him well. He moved back to Cali when he was done and continues to work in the auto industry. They must have a fairly good financial aid or student loan program too because he did not have the cash to go to school.