Books & Music Author Edward Rutherfurd

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  1. Anyone else completely obsessed with his works? I can't help but read each and every one. Granted I feel some have slow parts but I get the impression he writes a little something for everyone.

    He is always compared to Mitchner but I found his works to be dry and written with too much of a positive slant. Edward seems to take the plot in unexpected directions and giving a more realistic outcome.
  2. I got about halfway through Sarum and gave up, sadly. I do intend to give him another try, I hear both London and New York are very good.
  3. I've read "London" and "Sarum". Love how he follows the family generations and feuds. "New York" is next on my list.

  4. I was just going to type the same thing.

    My Mom is reading Russka right now.