Authentificate this Kate Saint Laurent Bag

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Is it authentic?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. 169F3DD9-199A-4EE8-AA6F-D79A0DE155D4.jpeg A48A96C4-5950-4E71-B316-158BB949AF7A.jpeg 101322AA-445E-4622-A284-BEDA2F9C1340.jpeg B1212B59-B6D0-4FF9-845E-7E43ECA74D14.jpeg 241C533D-8A4C-4F0D-A6AB-FDF10D1E57DB.jpeg EB3F2183-63D5-42C9-A352-E410C7C84D31.jpeg F0947460-3F9A-46C0-ACE0-654D39573CCA.jpeg 55A8B57A-FEDA-4FBC-836E-9DE9B7A1DB9F.jpeg A7FE25EE-A092-47AB-AB9C-EDF2E00316C9.jpeg F9946EF3-97AA-4C56-BB70-B2EB0F5E1F7E.jpeg