Authenticity tags

  1. OK, I am looking for the little sticker thing that people take pictures of re authenticity. I can't find one in either of my jumbo caviars -- black or white -- and I know they are authentic because I bought them myself at NM. Can someone help?
  2. Look way down deep into the four corners of the bags. It may be on a little square piece of leather or just attaced directly to the lining.
  3. Yeah, you really have to look deep down inside the bag. It should be a small tag that's maybe about 1/2 inch square.
  4. The hologram stickers are very very tiny. On my medium caviar, if I open the bag with the CC's facing me, the hologram sticker is on the left hand corner of the bag (about 1/2 inch up from the bottom) on the largest compartment....

    Its kinda easier to see if the back of the bag is facing me and I look at the largest compartment. The sticker is on the opposite right hand side.
  5. Thanks girls. I found them (duh). Michele, as soon as I turned the bag the other way I found them.
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