Authenticity Quiz: Can you spot the Balenciaga vs. Super Fake?


Which bag is the authentic Balenciaga?

  1. A) Sandstone Gold Giant Hobo

  2. B) Black Gold Giant Hobo

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    Let's compare these two Gold Giant Hobo bags. One is a counterfeit and the other an authentic Balenciaga. They both appear to have the same general shape and proportions, but as we know, the little details make all the difference in authentication.

    Which bag looks like the real deal to you? Take the Poll above!


    How about a close-up side view showing the strap connector and textured studs.


    What about the notched rivets near the top zip?


    Take a look at the interior tags:


    And underneath them, the top one reads "177288 497717" whereas the bottom one has those in reverse order "497717 177288":


    Let's get a little closer view of the buckle hardware:


    Did those pics give it away for you? Can you spot the Balenciaga bag versus the super fake?

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  2. Ouch - always hurts the eyes to see a fake. I think Sandstone is genuine, Black is fake...
  3. Me too, but I don't think I would have noticed those details if I was on a shopping-induced high!!!
  4. The zip top ( Black the end of the zipper is not clean, has the metal things, where the sandstone is nicely stitched) and the tag gave it away for me. Fun thread!
  5. I instinctively thought the black was fake from the first pics but if they weren't side by side you could be easily duped. Hope I'm right!
  6. If they are not side-by-side, the only give away as a fake to me, is the non crossover threads on top of the tag of the black one...
  7. Argh! I am not an expert at all! What a super fake!
  8. placing them side by side, it's easy for me to see that the black was fake, but you would DEF need to se the details to be 100% if the bag was by itself. luckily counterfeiters can NEVER get the font right!!! ick ick ick
  9. The really bad/sad thing is that the fakes have "improved" so much, though I hate to use the word.
  10. Not an expert but the red flags were there! Shameful!!!
  11. Black is definitely fake. First fake Hobo I have seen :sad:
  12. I'm no expert, but the black one is fake...

    It's definitely scary to see that the fakes are getting better, and that you REALLY have to pay close attention to every detail.

  13. The black bag looks fake to me. Did it come with paper tags and dustbag as well?
  14. Black is fake.
  15. Yep Black is fake. Getting really hard to tell though. Thanks goodness for the authenticate thread, otherwise I would be paranoid of buying fakes.