Authenticity of Zappo

  1. Hi all,

    apologies for sounding impudent.
    earlier i went shopping to Zappos, i was looking for a nice handbag from Marc Jacob.
    i went ahead, bought the one i want.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Utility Pouchette

    problem is...i am worried if its an authorised merchant for MJ. i didn't see this model at the MJ website, for spring or summer 2007 season..
    no Model code listed too...
    there are so many fakes out there. AA grade or Korean or just china remade.

    Abit late to wonder but is the site reliable?

    Appreciate your comments, advice, i hope its a good legal authentic merchant...

    tell me?:sad:
  2. Zappos is not only totally legit, their customer service is unparalleled. I highly, highly recommend Zappos. They are awesome!
  3. Zappos is endorsed by this forum as an authentic seller (scroll to the top, it's next to shop bop). If you're still really concerned, e-mail Marc Jacobs and ask if Zappos is an authorized online retailer.
  4. Maybe it's from a different season and that's why you don't see it on the MJ site. Zappos is a trustworthy retailer!! Their customer service is superb and you can ALWAYS return for free.
  5. hi All,

    Thank you so much for responding.
    I'm so glad now. i feel bad for accusing Zappo.