Authenticity of this Burberry bag?!

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    Hi girls, It's my first entry here and I wanted to ask some experienced burberry bag-buyers about wether I can assume my new burberry bag is authentic. I bought this one recently on eBay as a store display for a reasonable price (a third of the original price). And looking at the seller it looked pretty reliable that she was selling real stuff.
    I received the bag and noticed there is no serial number to be found inside (there was nothing mentioned about it in the ad of it being there anyhow..).
    I just assumed ALL burberry bags have serial numbers,
    (Even my makeuppouch has a serial number!) so now I'm not sure anymore.

    Does anyone know if this model should have a serial number? Or is it possible some models from the burberry line don't have one?
    It does have the tag with designer name and 'made in italy' on it.
    Please help me out girls! :s
  2. Please post your info and more pics in the Authenticate This Burberry forum at the top of this forum and we will help as much as we can...

    And welcome to the Purse Forum!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.