Authenticity of makeup brushes on ebay?

  1. Does anyone have experience in buying makeup brushes on eBay? I was looking at a set of Bobbi Brown brushes, and the seller has 100% positive feedback, but I'm still leery. Are fake makeup brushes a big problem? Is there anyway to tell if you're getting the real thing? Can anyone recommend an honest seller? :smile:

  2. Hi Sparky, this is very funny because I was just looking at Bobbi Brown makeup brushes on eBay. I thought that it was very interesting that so many sellers are selling brushes (especially full sets) that normally retail for $300+ for half price. I am always leary of a deal that is too good to be true on eBay so I really don't know if these brushes are fake. Has anyone had any experience?
  3. I'd like to know too. They make replicas of everything these days.
  4. I dont know about bobbi brown but I have seen instances of fake MAC and Chanel brushes
  5. I've purchased an authentic bobbi brown brush from ebay - was very happy with it!
  6. i say just wait for a gwp (like from Saks starting tomorrow).
  7. what is gwp?
  8. maybe its gift with purchase?

    I've gotten authentic lancome brushes on ebay, but the last time I bought any was sometime before summer 06
  9. I'd be wary buying ANYTHING off ebay. And there's replicas of the least likely things nowadays, so just be really careful and try to get someone to help you with authentication. Good luck!!

    Remember, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is fake.
  10. I didn't even know they made fake makeup brushes? thats just crazy.
  11. Funny you guys are asking this....I bought a set of Armani makeup brushes on eBay-they are wonderful, and seem real-it just seemed like they're were a lot of them for sale....I think the set was b/w $50-80-they came in a case. In any case, they are great, and I think real.
  12. I saw someone's post about the ELF brushes and thought I'd give those a try before bidding on some Bobbi Brown's from eBay. I'd love to just buy them outright, but unfortunately I can't right now! I'm using some Sonia Kashuk brushes now that shed like crazy. I have one good Bobbi Brown brush for concealer and have been meaning to slowly add to it... now I REALLY need a whole set and can't fork out the money for the good stuff unless I found it on ebay or a great sale! I was hoping there were some good reputable sellers out there. Even the ones with 100% feedback have a couple of comments in their feedback about not being sure of authenticity.
  13. Hi,

    I just bought the chanel retractable eyeshadow brush from ebeay and the chanel one sided hand mirror also. I just want to make sure theyre authentic, because, they are quite different to what I expected. All my other chanel brushes that have a silver/chrome hardware, including my other retractable brushes have silver chanel, engraved into the metal, while the one that I received had Chanel printed on the metal in a faded white. Also, any Chanel mirrors that I have seen that I was going to buy before had white CC's engraved into the plastic; however, the one that arrived to me had silver CCs transfered/printed onto the plastic? Also, most chanel products come in the Chanel embossed velvet pouch, and this did not.

    normally however the products I buy are from Europe, these items came from teh States, so not 100% if its just a difference in manufacturing....cos I read somewhere that some AMerican brushes are different?

    Can anyone help me please?
  14. Please post this in the authenticate this thread at the top of the page
  15. I'm too scared to purchase makeup brushes off of ebay. A couple of years ago, I purchased a Bare Escentuals face brush for a pretty good price off ebay. I didn't know better and thought it was real, but then I compared it to my friend's real one from the actual BE boutique, and it was nothing like mine. So I guess I bought a fake. :crybaby: I'd rather wait for a sale or GWP and purchase my brushes in person from now on.