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May 25, 2007
I am new to this site and hope this is where I am suppose to post this if not please someone tell me where to go. Here goes: I am actually selling my mother's Louis Vuitton purse and accessories. One of the items is a long wallet and when you open underneath the credit card slots it says: LOUIS VUITTON (with a trade mark logo) MADE IN U.S.A UNDER LICENSE FABRIC DESIGN. If I look at the change purse it says LOUIS VUITTON (with a trade mark logo) PARIS MADE IN FRANCE. My mother passed away a few years ago so that is why I cannot ask her and I am not much of a purse person so I have no idea. My question is if the wallet is authentic. It seems weird that one item would be made in Paris and the other in the US. Please help. I don't want to list this item if it is fake. Thanks!!!



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LV has a factory in the US as well. I have a LV bag made in USA and I got it at the LV store

As for authencity - you might want to post this thread in the Designer Forums - there is one designated for LV

I would offer to help but I really don't know these styles all that well.

Good luck!
Feb 26, 2006
The long wallet that says Made in the USA was probably made by the French Company for Louis Vuitton in the 80s. If you haven't already, I still suggest posting these in the LV forum. There are some real experts over there.