Authenticity help for a Mulberry Bayswater please!

  1. Hello purse lovers,
    I posted this on the eBay shoe & purse board but I haven't gotten any replies... :shrugs: Plus the auction ends in a day or so... I have my eye on a black Mullberry Bayswater, but eBay is so rife with fakes I was wondering if you guys would check it out...


    Item # 270099831367

    Any opinions would be much appreciated!
  2. this is a handbag question, not an eBay question. . . I'll move to our Handbags & Purses Forum for you.
    Good luck!
  3. Thanks a lot, I'm still a newbie :smile:
  4. Hi

    I ve recently bought a mulberry bayswater in oak, but i had been previously searching for one as I couldnt justify to myself paying the RRP £495 price tag.

    I tried ebay and had a look but i didnt feel confident as some sellers just sell mulberry bags claiming in the description that its a wanted present for example.I mean how many unwanted mulberry bags can one get?

    Plus you cant guarantee the bag pictured is the one sent to you. The bag in the picture looks pretty authentic and you really have to check the feedback from others buyers of that seller to see if you feel confident.

    However I personally got my bayswater from the Mulberry factory outlet store in Shepton Mallet, near Bath, UK. They have all bags but are seconds. My oak bayswater had a minor scratch which I could have made myself. Second baywaters cost £346 (set price). Oak is in demand and they rarely get this colour but i phoned regularly for weeks and got lucky.

    Black is second most sort after colour and then they have all other colours like navy, blush, rose, red, etc...

    They sent out my bag via UPS next day for a charge of £7. maybe if you called them they can do international postage.

    But loads of my friends have been to the factory to get their roxannes and emmys!

    Cheaper price, authentic dealer straight from the factory.

    Totally recommend.
  5. Hi,

    MadeinEngland, could you tell us the tel. no. of this factory outlet in Bath?

    Piaffe, I am looking for a Bayswater too (Congo, Kenya or Oak Darwin. I really like the Congo in Black.). Since they are not sold in Canada, I checked out ebay too. The seller you are looking at seems to have sold many authentic handbags but I am still not sure about her. As you said, how could they have so many NWT bags? I contacted one seller who seems to have continuous supplier of Mulberry bags. Her answer was that Mulberry sends her all the return bags (bags that are not perfect and returned by customers). I am not sure if a reputable premium company like Mulberry would have a deal with a ebay seller as such, especially they have their own factory outlet in Bath.

    MadeinEngland is right, there are so many of them on ebay that look authentic in pictures. I would watch and look at the seller's history first. If the seller seems to have sold many Mulberry already, I will think twice buying from them.

    Now, I am lucky that my DH has to go back to Europe, next month, I will ask him to get me one there instead. Before that, I would try calling the outlet in Bath.

    And good luck with your search.

  6. Hi. I've posted a lot of information about the Shepton Mallet factory shop including phone number, opening times & stock details in a separate thread. If you do a search it will bring the info up.
    The factory shop does sell seconds and discontinued lines. It really is the best option for geniune Mulberry bags at a discounted price. I certainly wouldn't believe any claims from ebay sellers that they are supplied by Mulberry. As far as I am aware, all the returned stock etc goes to the factory shop.
  7. Well it looks like the Bayswater must have been a fake because when I went to check on the status of the auction, it had dissapeared. Ebay must have pulled it. Thanks to all of you for your advice, sarajane I will definitely check out the Shepton Mallet factory shop, I just hope they will ship to Hawaii...