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  1. Hey, trying to get my fiance a small gift....wondering if anyone can shed light on the following being authentic or not....since i know nothing about handbags i cant tell which are fake but Im a little leery by the prices being marked down so cheap....

    AUTH CHANEL CLASSIC CAMEL QUILTED LEATHER SHOULDER BAG - (item 280140848653 end time Aug-13-07 19:00:00 PDT)

    CHLOE PADDINGTON PADLOCK HANDBAG 100% AUTHENTIC - (item 220139208185 end time Aug-15-07 17:14:34 PDT)

    NWT Dior 'My Dior' handbag in Black - 100% Authentic - (item 280141952377 end time Aug-14-07 16:25:28 PDT)

    100% Authentic Christian Dior Leather Hobo/Handbag/Bag - (item 270152254185 end time Aug-19-07 16:00:00 PDT)

    thanks in advance
  2. I'm non of these experts but I can tell you that #2 is a no go:tdown:. (Too many new bags with low BINs).

    BTW you will get more experts opinion if you post the links in Chanel/CD forum's, "authenticate this".:yes:
  3. #1 the chanel is authentic, I've purchased from the seller before, great service

    #2 definately no, too low price, 0 feedback

    #3 it looks iffy, I wouldn't go for it

    #4 not completely sure, but looks authentic, and seller has good feedback

    If you are choosing amongst them, I would definately go for #1 the chanel first.
  4. each one of these should be posted in the Authenticate This! sticky threads provided in their repective designer Forums please.
Thread Status:
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