Authenticity Cards

  1. I just received the white diamond stitch large tote from Chanel Nordstrom (Seattle).

    The bag is GORGEOUS!!! However, it has some faint pen marks on the white leather, just inside the bag.

    Also, it's missing the authenticity card and care booklet. I've talked to the manager and she can give me a new authenticity card but the number will NOT match the hologram sticker (what's the point?).

    This bag is impossible to find in this color.

    What would concern you more, the missing authenticity card, or the light pen marks inside the bag? I'm thinking about resale value in the future.
  2. Ooh that's a toughie! But, I think if you just hang onto the receipt, you'll be fine, should you need to resale in the future. If the pen marks are inside the bag, it wouldn't bother me as much. I'm sure it is a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see pics Smooth
  3. Both would bother me Monica :sad:
  4. I'll take pictures tonight when I get home and post them. I'll also post pics of the pen marks.

    Both bother me too Amanda. I've been looking for the perfect white Chanel bag for myself. If it weren't the only one they had available I would have sent it back for a replacement because I think this might be the perfect bag for me.:sad:
  5. Crud :sad:
    Have you tried a NM?
  6. Well,it is up to you. If you want to keep this bag forever, you can accept a new card which doesnt match the number on the laser label. But if you are going to sell it one day,you should have a card which matches the number on laser label. usually buyers will look into that,JMHO.:confused1:
  7. Me too! Should not be the case for a new bag and would impact resale.
  8. What a bummer. I'm kind of surprised that they cannot replace the authenticity card with a matching number though. The pen marks would bother me the most though. Any possibility you would be able to remove the marks?
  9. Hey Beth. Yes, I think the pen marks can be removed.
  10. I had both on my purse when I bought my cambon. But I figured for the price I got for it, it was worth not having an authenticity card. Also, if you eventually sell it to the ladies here, I don't think they would mind..
    I'm trying to figure out how to get the two tiny pen marks off too!
  11. Crud is absolutely right.:sad:

    Yes, I tried NM but they didn't have any.:crybaby:
  12. :crybaby:
  13. Well that's a plus then!! LOL! Being very new to Chanel I don't know what their CS is like but is there any way you can get a letter from them stating that you received the bag without a matching authenticity card and that card # ****** is being used as a replacement. I would think that a letter and the receipt would be fine if you ever chose to resell.
  14. I wouldn't be able to live w/ it. . . not w/o a good size discount.
    The bag was clearly returned, it was used, got pen marks then returned w/o the proper cards :sad:
    Have you considered asking for a discount?
  15. Agree!! Can they give you a discount? They really should.