Authenticity Cards

  1. I really would like to know once and for all about authenticity cards. It has been my epxerience that Hermes does not provide authenticity cards. I did not get one for my birkin or for my kelly. Yet, I am being told by a man on ebay who is selling a birkin that his comes with an authenticity card. And he said quite belligerently that his bag is definitely authentic and that it came with an authenticity card when it was purchased and that he paid too much for it to be a fake. So ladies, once and for all, do Hermes bags, especially birkins, come with authenticity cards? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  2. Absolutely NOT. That man is pulling your leg.
  3. Absolutely !

    Never, never, never do Hermes bags come with authenticity cards.

  4. Nope! No authenticity cards....maybe he's confused his bag with a Chanel!

    Just out of curiosity, which bag are you looking at?????
  5. Thank you all for your responses. I am going to post the link to the bag I am referring to. I didn't believe that they came with authenticty cards, but I thought maybe I was missing something.
  6. How interesting! This Birkin has both silver palladium AND gold hardware! :lol:

    Too many red flags with this one. Seller has 0 feedback, poor pictures, inaccurate description, and from what I can see it doesn't even look like Togo!
  7. and another vote never had never will be an authenticity card
  8. I would be too afraid to touch a Birkin on EBAY without ample feedback, power seller. blah blah blah...and still no guarantee!
  9. Hi, definitely no authenticity cards of any sort, and WHO would offer a real genuine, hermes-bought birkin for such a low price...??? also, what's up with the gold stamping on the bag (see his pictures) ?
  10. Authenticity cards = RED FLAG!!! Run fast girl!