authenticity cards

  1. So can I have the card scanned to see if it's real or the bag is came in?
  2. I went to the Prada boutique here and they wouldn't authenticate the bag for me. They looked at it and said it "looks good", but wouldn't give me a definite answer because it's against their policy.
  3. Where did you purchase this bag that your so concerned with it being authentic or not?
  4. Prada generally doesn't authenticate. There's a lot of expertise both here and on the eBay community board. If you post photos (or, if it's eBay, a link to the listing), you'll get some feedback. I wouldn't rely on the cards. It's the bag that's important. But, there are a lot of counterfeit cards, so you should also post photos of the cards because there are sometimes some telltale signs that indicate they are counterfeit there too.