Authenticity Cards and Bags

  1. I'm new to Chanel and this is something I didn't quite understand. I noticed when I got my luxe flap that the authenticity card was missing. I brought that up to my SA and she gave me a new one. That day, I also bought a classic flap and today I noticed that it too doesn't have a card. I don't doubt the authenticity of the bag, so my question is this.

    1. Does each Chanel bag have its own authenticity card?

    2. Does authenticity card affect the resale value of the bag? (I would think so, but is this truly theory to practice?)

    3. I like the bag fine, but it's not TDF or anything, should I insist on returning it if it doesn't have an authenticity card?

    Thanks again!

    :heart: BL
  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes, I am not an ebayer but from what I understand it does.
    3. If it is just for you and you never plan on selling it, it is not a big deal since YOU know it is real. But it really is up to you.
  3. The authenticity card would matter if you sell on eBay. This is pretty much almost guaranteeing it is real. But did you check the pockets?
  4. ^^^ I checked the pockets. It's definitely not there. It sucked because I was telling her about my other bag not having it. I was about to buy the ultimate soft and checked that bag and then changed my mind. The bag I ended up with didn't have it. :confused1:

    I just didn't know whether the code on the authenticity card was the same as for the design of the bag or what not.
  5. I never understood why that was... all the fakes have authenticity cards, so what does the card prove anymore?

    (They need to come up with proof of authenticity that is harder to copy... )
  6. What is the proof of authenticity?

    Lately I saw one seller sell a cambon bag which retail is 895 pounds but showing the receipt of 1,035 ??????
  7. i think it's important for buyers who aren't that familiar with chanel bags.

    personally what the inside hologram looks like is more important than the authenticity card i.e. that it has the correct font etc. the cards are easily faked.

    having an card that doesn't match your serial is pretty useless imo, how weird of the SA to just randomly give you one!

    if you are planning to keep it forever then it shouldn't matter :yes:
  8. Yeah! I do agree with you. If you wanna buy a bag (from eBay), you can post the bag pic here and Let Mon and Michele authenticate it. It works! and both of them are professionsls:graucho: .
  9. It's important to me personally.

    Just so you know, EVERY Chanel bag that's in the stores should have an authenticity card w/ a number on it that matches the interior hologram sticker. People CAN and do fake these, but it's still an important part of the documents. not all fakes bother and if you are on the line trying to decide if it's fake or not, haviong the 2 match can seal the deal IF you know what you're looking for.

    It's just weird to me that these are so easily lost while at the store{?} They're wrapped in tissue w/ a booklet, what are the SA's doing w/ this stuff!?

    Anyhow, it's important to me because I already have an issue buying on eBay, if there's anything at all missing, it just makes my issue worse.
    {obviously *my* issue! LOL!}
  10. I would return both bags and have them find you one with the correct cards. As H said above, if the card the SA gave you doesn't match the number in the bag, it is useless. If you tried to sell later and showed the card and the sticker didn't match, then that would call into question the auth of the bag and be even worse than having no card.
    I don't know what happens at the stores. When I got my little mc flap, the cards and sticker were matching but the dustbag is so tiny it doesn't fit over the bag and the box was not the box for the bag either! I am having them send me a new dustbag but they can't seem to find the correct box, so I am going to let that go (since generally I don't keep the boxes anyway. I heard that the bags shouldn't be stored in the box and I don't have enough closet space to keep everything separate). Note to self: insist that DH surrenders his closet to me. he only needs a few drawers, right?)
  11. I would return the bags and look elsewhere to purchase. To me a Chanel item should have everything with it when you purchase. i.e Authenticity Card, correct size Dust bag, correct box, the Chanel brochure(for the lack of a better word) in the small black envelope with CHANEL on front in silver, the tag attached to the item.
    When I purchase something as expenses as Chanel I WANT ALL the accompanying items.
  12. Everyone,

    Thanks for the response! I thought it was a little weird, but I didn't know if it was just a normal practice for Chanel. The luxe ligne didn't bother me as much because I absolutely ADORE that bag, but it does bother me with the caviar.

    To me, it seems as though someone is pilfering the cards at this store because 2/4 bags bought there had the same problem. It did kind of throw me off that there was a drawer with random authenticity cards and care booklets.

    Thanks again! I really appreciate people taking the time out to explain to a Chanel newbie!

    :heart: BL
  13. Just an FYI: my less-than-a-month-old large/medium Classic Flap does not have a hologram. When I traipsed back to the Madison Avenue boutique, the manager told me (and the SA's who were stumped by the fact they hadn't found a hologram in mine) that the most recent shipments of Classic Flaps had been coming in without hologram stickers; all other bags still have them.

    In demonstration of that, he pulled a number of bags -- in different colors & sizes -- from the display shelves and from the back room. And yep, none of the Classic Flaps had hologram stickers. There were also no hang tags; my authenticity card, however, does match the bar code sticker on the box. Since the hologram stickers (and authenticity cards, etc.)are widely faked anyway, such accoutrements don't seem to have much significance nowadays. And although I too don't foresee myself ever selling mine (this is my first Chanel bag too :heart: ), were I in your shoes, BL, I'd be returning the bag back to the shop to exchange it for a bag with as a complete a set of matching identifiers as possible.
  14. Good luck with this. I completely failed in my attempt. :lol:

    It seems there have been quite a few posts of people getting their bags without cards. So where are all these cards going?

    Has anyone else heard about classic flaps not having holograms? I guess with them being faked so well, why should Chanel keep doing it?
  15. A number of us are seriously questioning Chanel's recent quality control problems.

    Thanks, cocklecove... that is interesting and another example of Chanel's slipping standards.