authenticity card

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  1. so I bought my flap from the palm beach worth ave store last month and in all the excitement I forgot to check for an authenticity card I just recueved this with the bag I kno the bag is authentic because I purchased it my self and do not plan on reselling it but I am concerned because all I got was this is this normal or should I call back for an authenticity card? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394165652.950731.jpg now that I look at it closer my SA also got the date of purchase wrong because I def bought it before the 25th!!! please help
  2. Have you tried calling the store or SA and asking them about this? I must admit I usually forget to check and just kind of assume it's there. As to the date of purchase, you are in the Chanel "system" with the date that you paid, so if she wrote the wrong date you are fine. I'm just wondering if she got two orders mixed up perhaps? I'd call them and let them know what you noticed and see what they say.

  3. tutu thanks for you're reply I'll call them first thing tommorow it's odd that that's not there I hope I can get this settled but I guess it's not a big deal I'll drop her an email to let her know it's just concerning how two major details got that mixed up
  4. hope they can find your authenticity card!

  5. thankyou me too I am a little concerned now as I found my reciept and saw that I purchased it on the 8th so I hope I can get this cleared up but at least I know it's authentic since I purchased it at the boutique other wise I would be very worried
  6. Did you check the page after that one? One time my SA put the card in the slots for it on one of those book pages.

    Hope you get everything straightened out!
  7. Did you look inside the pockets? I would call the store and ask for the card. While I already lost authenticity cards, I wouldn't buy bags without them (unless price is reduced :smile:).

  8. my SA emailed me and told me it was in the inner pocket low and behold I went in there and lol I just always thought it would be in the booklet thanks for everyone's help I'm lucky to have all of u and such a sweet SA who replied immediately

  9. thankyou :smile: I honestly thought that was where t was going to be toobut it was inside the bag which honestly is the last place I would have looked
  10. Great to hear you received good customer service
  11. So happy you found it via your SA! So glad you can now rest assured that all the "parts" are there! :smile:
  12. Thank goodness!!!
  13. Lol i had the same issue just yesterday with a bag i bought 2 weeks back. Found it in the pocket.
  14. Yes, I was going to ask you to check inside the bag pockets, that's where all my Authenticity cards were located also.