Authenticity Card

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  1. I called South Coast Plaza to help me track down a Purple Jumbo Classic bag and luckily the SA found one in SF:yahoo: . After a hell of a time getting the package from Fed-Ex, I finally got the bag. But to my disappointment the bag didnt come with the authenticity card. I called the store and all they could tell me was that the authenticity card was probably thrown away accidentally. I asked if there was anything they could do, and she said, no since they couldn't give me a replacement card:hysteric: .

    I love the bag but in the future if I ever want to sell her, I think I'll have a difficult time getting a fair price because of the missing authenticity card. Even if I keep her I'll always think that there is something missing with the bag. What do you guys think? Is an Authenticity Card that important?

    Anyways, here she is....

  2. Authenticity card is nice to have, but not at all necessary for resale. At least not in my book. Other people will most likely feel differently.
  3. I can imagine your disappointment. Just hold onto the receipt. I would also take a photo of the return address of the Fed Ex box and the receipt, etc., or hold onto the box if you are worried about it. I think if I wanted to buy a bag as exquisite as that one, if I was presented with all of that proof, I owuld believe it's authenticity. If it bums you out that much, I would just return it.
  4. hold onto the receipt and everything else that came with it. personally i think the inside hologram sticker is a bigger indication of authenticity than the card because fakes *knocks on wood* haven't got this quite right yet.
  5. thanks guys!
  6. Also, don't all the fakes have Authenticity Cards as well? I can't understand why it's so important? And if they were so important, why do the stores keep losing track of them. You'd think they would take better care of them so they wouldn't get lost... if they were so necessary.

  7. I think sometimes a missing authenticity card, means the bag was bought first by someone else, then returned. And the original buyer forgot to include it back in the bag.

    I know first hand this can happen, I bought a Fendi Spy from Saks. I had it a few days and decided I didn't like I returned it. Only days later did I discover the authenticity card in my room, I totally forgot to put it back inside the bag.
  8. I would not worry about it. I had bought a Cambon Wallet on eBay that did not have the card - did not stop me from buying a beautiful wallet.

    P.S. Your bag is beautiful, and loving the color.
  9. its no problem at all! just keep the receipt!! :yes::yes:
  10. Sorry to hear it was missing -- but WOW!! what a beauty :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: of a bag you have!
  11. I wouldn't care abt the card either. Absolutely beautiful!

    btw, this was from the SF Chanel boutique? I bet they had it hiding in the back...I didn't see it the last time I popped in. Lucky you!