Authenticity card

  1. There are a serie of numbers on it. How to read and understand what it means? Thanks.
  2. The card basically tells you the year the bag was manufactured. For, example, if the bag is from this FALLS collection, the numbers would start with a high 10 number or an 11.

    2006 10XXXXXX- 11XXXXXX
    2005 9XXXXXX - 10XXXXXX
    2004 8XXXXXX - 9XXXXXX

    etc, etc,.... It gets a little tricky with the vintage bags. For example, Chanel started using holograms in the 80's. However, not that many bags were produced. The holograms started at 0XXXXXX, and by the end of the 80's, the holorams were still in there 1XXXXXX.