Authenticity Card

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  1. I read that all Prada bags come with 2 authenticity cards.

    One is a plastic card about the size of a credit card. The front has the famous Prada logo and the statement “Certificato di autenticita - Authenticity certificate card”. The back of the card has a magnetic strip, just like a credit card. It also has the model number (ART.), the name of the style (MATERIALE), and the color (COLORE). This is all in Italian. For example, BR1594 (ART.), VITELLO DAINO B. (MATERIALE), NERO (COLORE). Notice that this is printed in all capital letters.

    The second card is similar to what you might see in a Fendi bag. It’s a thick black paper card with the Prada logo embossed on the front and the same information we described for the plastic card on the back. However, it also has a bar code and the model number followed by a serial number. On some Prada cards there are two bar codes with serial numbers. These two cards come inside a small envelope with the Prada logo and CERTIFICATO DI AUTENTICITA (also in English) embossed on the front.

    Does all Prada products come with these two cards? When I bought my bag, I only had the first card in the small envelope and I did not see a 2nd card with any serial number. Does all Prada products come with a serial number?
  2. If you bought your Prada from the boutique, you don't get the second card. And no serial numbers for prada. HTH
  3. i got mine from saks and it came with both
  4. ITA. I've bought several bags from Prada Hawaii and they only come with the plastic card. When I asked the SA where the cardboard card goes, she said they keep it for their records.
  5. I was just browsing through the web and saw that most people photograph their bags with the two authenticity card and I was wondering if the sales person omitted to give me mine. Many thanks for clearing this doubt. :tup: