Authenticity Card?

  1. I purchased a Marla Medium from the boutique in early December. Shortly after Christmas (well, after hitting the after Christmas sales, LOL) I decided to resell. As I was taking out the stuffing to photograph the bag, I noticed that there is a white authenticity card. It is about the size of a credit card and says Jimmy Choo on the front and then has a black hologram sticker on the back with some numbers.

    I have never received an authenticity card with a Jimmy Choo bag, and I'm a little confused. Is it like the Chanel authenticity cards (e.g., is there a number on/inside the bag that matches the number on the hologram sticker on the card?) If there is a matching number somewhere, I'd like to photograph it and include with the listing. Does anyone know where the matching number is and/or when Jimmy Choo started providing authenticity cards? At the very least, I'd like to know about it so I can intelligently answer questions about it (if I get any). Any insights would be appreciated! TIA!!
  2. I also have a Authenticity card with my Riley bag and inside the pocket is a Tag with the matching hologram. Inspect the inside of your bags pockets and you should find it.

    2003_0122Image0018.JPG 2003_0122Image0024.JPG
  3. My Lara came with an authenticity card and the matching hologram tag is inside one of the pockets. I don't know if they've done this in previous years. I didn't have either with my drummed leather Ramona.
  4. And my Cobalt Maddy too.
    But not my "older" JC bags.
  5. The white authenticity cards started with the pre-fall 08 bags (although not all may have it) and have carried through to the current collection.

    Bags before pre-fall 08 did not have authenticity cards unless they were crocs and then you got a black card.
  6. Yep! I am glad Choo started this.
  7. Thanks, all! I did find the tag inside the pocket, so now if anyone asks, I won't look like a complete fool :smile:
  8. Shoes now have the cards too.
  9. Holy smokes! I just ran to my closet to check my new Glass pumps (got 'em when they went 50-off) and sure enough, under all the tissue is an authenticity card!

    I guess this started with A/W '08? Because I'm pretty sure that none of my other JC's have cards (past seasons) ....
  10. Hi everyone, I'm reviving this thread b/c I have a couple of questions regarding a pair of JC boots I just purchased from Saks. The boots didn't come with an authenticity card. Do any of you who have JC boots have authenticity cards to go with them? I didn't find a hologram sticker in the boots either. Also, the boots only came with one dustbag which seems odd b/c both of my over-the-knee boots can't fit in there. So should the boots have come with 2 dustbags--one for each boot? Thanks in advance for your help ladies!