authenticity card...

  1. my question is the authenticity card really necessary to know if the bag is authentic or just hologram is enough to determine the authenticity? so what happened if the card lost?? i know its a silly question but just wondering, coz i have seem some on eBay but there is no card but looks good though. how can you know if this is the real thing?
  2. No it is not necessary, but it is helpful - same way as the box and dustbag, and carebooklets, etc. are helpful when authenticating.
  3. If you have questions about eBay items you're interested in buying, post them in the authenticate Chanel thread in the "Chanel Shopping" section. Lots of experts around here to give you feedback. :biggrin:

  4. thank you mon
  5. I agree w/ MOn. . .
    lots of authentic Chanel on eBay has no cards and on the contrary, lots of counterfeits DO have the card adn matching hologram #.

    I'm annoying anal about my documents when it comes to Chanel though, I wouldn't buy it as a resell w/o all of it.