authenticification for dior cannage bag

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  1. Hi Kaj!

    I would NOT trust this site. They use Eluxury's pictures but claim that they are their own by marking them with their website name. Just seeing that makes me's not like we're stupid and don't surf Eluxury to find authentic bags. I'd try Ebay if I were is an authentic cannage bag on sale at the moment: 100% AUTHENTIC LADY DIOR QUILTED CANNAGE BAG $ 1250 +++ (item 280031448531 end time 29-Sep-06 23:51:28 EDT)

    eBay: AUTHENTIC Pink CHRISTIAN DIOR LADY Diana HANDBAG (item 220028961416 end time Sep-27-06 14:48:21 PDT)

    eBay: CHRISTIAN DIOR AUTHENTIC BLACK PURSE HANDBAG BEAUTIFUL (item 250033125114 end time Oct-05-06 09:17:17 PDT)

    I'm NOT affiliated with any of these sellers...these are just examples of how you can get an authentic Lady Dior cannage bag for less than $699.
  2. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky provided to you at the top of this Forum.
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