Jimmy Choo Authenticiate this Jimmy Choo

Serene C

Nov 17, 2006
Hey all,

I felt in love with this patent JC Ramona, can any tell me is the bag authentic?

Thank you so much!


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May 23, 2006
It all seems consistent with my Ramona, too. The only thing is, I'm pretty sure judging by the size that it's a Riki (smaller version), not Ramona (larger version). I agree with chloehandbags that the proportion is definitely off for a Ramona.


Aug 3, 2006
I don't know about Ramona but if that is supposed to be a patent Riki I do not think it is authentic. I happen to have mine right now. I looked at your pics and compared them to my bag. Here are the two differences I noticed. In my blue patent Riki, the leather trim inside the bag where the name plate is in your first photo is NOT patent. Your picture looks like the trim inside that surrounds the plate is shiny/patent. The second thing I noticed is in the third photo. The "H" is off. If you notice in the first photo, the horizontal line in the "H" is placed not in the center but towards the top. That is how it should be. The "H" on the gold plate on the outside should be the exact same way. Instead, in your picture, the "H" is crossed dead center.
It is a really good fake but I think it is definitely a fake.

Serene C

Nov 17, 2006
Thank you so much ladies, you're awesome!

Indeed, the bag is from ebay, and I have wrote to the seller enquiring about the source of the bag, and have not heard from him/her. I just found another same JC on ebay
eBay: 100% Auth Jimmy Choo Black Patent Leather Ramona Bag (item 290059367217 end time Dec-07-06 12:45:00 PST). And is still thinking about it.

Just a food for thought, I have bought lots of designer bags (about 5)
from ebay with 100% authenticity guranteed but sadly they all turn out to be fakes, should I stop believing?



Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
Well, the problem with a lot of the sales on ebay is that they are too good to be true. The link you supplied just now, the bag is going for $279. That's an $1850ish bag. You're not going to get a new w/tags ramona for much less than retail. It's a luxurious bag.

You have to realize you are not going to get something for nothing on ebay.


Aug 3, 2006
I agree. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. And $279 is a lot to spend on a very likely Ebay fake. I personally won't buy from Ebay.
I would use that money to put toward a faboulous real bag. Instead of multiple $200 fakes, get one fabulous authentic bag. Or get a real bag from a great designer that sells bags for the same money you are willing to pay for an Ebay bag. I really like Michael Kors bags. Cole Haan has some nice ones. There are lots of others as well. ;) Good luck!


Mar 23, 2006
^ The hardware looks tinny on this one, to me and the quality of the leather looks to be lacking. :yes: But, again, I'm not an expert.

The Ramona is a very faked bag. If you do a search on Google you can find fakes galore. :yes:

If a bag was sold out in the shops; without having gone on sale. You cannot, logically, expect to find a genuine, NWT one, in perfect condition, from a seller who is trying to make a small profit, for less than retail + 20%.

Unless, possibly, it was an unwanted gift, being sold by a person who doesn't sell regularly and isn't bothered about making a profit; where you might be able to find one for retail + 10% (to cover eBay fees).


Oct 7, 2006
An authentic Jimmy Choo Ramona should look like this:

Notice the little "mini" scallops and how the lavender strip is sewed on top and bottom and not near the leather edge? And should have the two interior snaps on the sides. Fakes do not have this. Also there are OTHER things I have noticed but I won't go into it here. Please PM if you are interested.

The interior of Fake ones look like this: With the silky looking lavender strip and NO snaps on the side.



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I was always curious... how can a seller write "100% Authenticity Guaranteed" or "Authentic ______ Bag" and it's NOT real?

How can they do that and not get "in trouble?"

Some sellers are dishonest scammers. I started an account on EBAY last Sunday and I assumed that when the seller said authentic that they really meant authentic. What a fool I was! I bought 2 bags and both were fakes. I contacted one seller and to this day she still claims it is real, but she will give me a refund (doesn't want to get negative feedback). The other seller claims his ex-wife bought the bag and she said it was authentic. He's refunding me too, but won't admit it is fake. I think sellers treat it like a game and are just out to make a quick dollar and see who's a sucker. I think some buyers know they are getting a fake, but they like the price and do not want to pay for the real deal. I have always bought my handbags from a department store and after being conned on EBAY, I would rather pay full price and get an authentic bag.
In regards to getting in trouble, I have heard that some sellers have had their merchandise taken off because they have been reported for selling fakes. But some people are afraid to report sellers because once you purchase something, the seller has your address.
My sister bought a Jimmy Choo Ramona bag off of EBAY and she thought it was real until I found this forum and read about the horizontal in the H. Her H is wrong!!!There are plenty of scammers out there. My family is 3 fakes for 3 bags. Beware when you buy on EBAY. Trying to get your money back is a real hassle!!!!