1. Just curious...

    Why does the Chanel section not authenticate items unless an online link is available?

    I have been able to get local purchases (resale or consignment shops)authenticated in the Fendi, LV and Coach sections.

    The first page of the Chanel section, which shows the posting format for authentication requests, gives the format to use when a link is not available so I assumed this was the format to use for brick and mortar purchases.
  2. It's up to the authenticators since it's volunteers. The rules aren't against it, just some people won't authenticate w/o links for some reason. KWIM?
  3. Aaaaaa Because one response was that it was stated in the posting rules that the link was required, but I never could find that requirement.
    I see now that it is self-regulated....

    Thanks for the explanation. :smile:
  4. Yeah, No one should be speaking for the group or saying it's a "rule" when it's not.
  5. Well... I didn't want to start an argument so I just moved on tho I have seen the same comment recently made to others.
  6. You could report it so a mod or admin can pop in w/ a friendly reminder :smile: